Xmas Scented Sachets

My first round of X’mas gifts are done and have been mailed out. But seriously, sewing is really not my forte. Nevertheless, I guess it’s the effort that counts right, heehee!

Most of my friends who received it said they love the smell. The sachets are filled with rose buds, cinnamon stick, dehydrated lemon and orange peels and a bit of peppermint essential oil. Honestly, I find the smell really nice too…it makes my drawer and bag smell so good!

Now onto making my next round of X’mas gifts…💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Guitar Pencilcase

I sew the guitar and musical notes on this pencilcase for a girly for X’mas. Thought of this design as she is the teacher in charge for guitar club. Hope she likes my gift…

p/s I know I should fill up the musical notes and I did…but the notes looked too overpowering after I did, so I ended up unpicking the stitches…now all I can do is to cross my fingers and hope that nobody notices that there is only 1 correct musical note (minim).

Customised Tote Bag

This was a customised order from a friend who left the design, colours and everything to me. All she had given me was the name of her friend.

For this bag, majority of the stitches were just backstitch and some french knots for the flowers. I’m so in love with backstitch as it is simple yet able to create wonders. But I think next time maybe I’ll try to venture into other types of stitches…