Toothpick Holder

Toothpick Container.jpgI’ve always wanted to decorate a big Tic Tac container so that I can use it as a toothpick holder. However, I refuse to buy Tic Tac as

1) It is too expensive (especially the ones that come in a big container).

2) I don’t really like eating it.

But thanks to a friend S who gave it to me, I finally got a container to test out the idea. It’s really nothing fanciful. I simply used some acrylic paint and gold marker to decorate the container.

Now I have a new toothpick holder that blends in totally with the rest of my other containers =)


Waterproof Paper Coasters

I bought a set of Tin Tin coasters from Belgium last year when I was on holiday. The coasters are pretty BUT they are made of paper! If I place any cold drinks on them, the coasters would be ruin.

Hence, I have been toying with the idea of coating the coasters with resin to make them waterproof. And finally, I had the time to test out my idea.

Before that, I added a different quote on each of the four coasters as the quotes not only suited the pictures but made them utterly unique =)

Then, I used resin to coat the surface of the coasters. Now my coasters look pretty, glossy and waterproof (I know the difference is not obvious from the photos…one is matte while the other is glossy and a little more 3-D). Hmm…I was even thinking that maybe I should use them as wall decorations instead of coasters…haha!

The downside of using resin is that the coasters require quite a lot of resin to coat its surface and resin is not that cheap here. I guess it is possible to use mod podge hard coat instead which is less time consuming and easier to manage. I think I’ll try using that for the rest of my paper coasters.

Unique finds…

My mum recently came back from her holiday in Spain and bought these two tiles of our initials. I wish she had bought more!

The colours are beautifully vibrant and I was trying to see where it fits best in my home. Finally…I decided that it goes best with my kitchen tiles, spicing up the kitchen with its design and colours.


To side track…I love buying stuff for the home when I’m on holiday…overseas-findAnd I wonder when can I ever begin my minimalist lifestyle like this  I guess I still need some time (and maybe some more age) to reach this stage in life =)


Heartwarming Magnets

These magnets are one of my all time favourite creations…as I love its warm colours and heartwarming feel.

I made them randomly using paper and glass dome. The pictures were not drawn by me…though I wish I had such ability. The pictures were from a letter pad that I have kept for the longest time. I wrote the quotes in pencil to give the magnets a more old school vintage feel. The only picture drawn by me is the Coffee Magnet…inspired by my love for coffee. Each design only come in 1 unique piece  🙂