Every Ending has a New Beginning

One of my colleagues is leaving and I wanted to make her something special. I’m not good with words so I don’t like writing cards.

I finally decided to give her a customised bottle filled with mini m & m and a name label so that she can place it at her new workplace.

Wishing her all the best and hope she likes my 小小心意 🙂

Layer Yoghurt Birthday Cake in a Jar

I wanted to bake some chocolate cookies for my friend’s birthday. BUT…after watching a documentary on the appalling amount of sugar intake in our daily life, I changed my mind. I decided to make a healthy, frozen yoghurt layer cake instead. I followed this simple recipe (though it is quite time consuming due to the long wait time).

Since I love customisation, of course, I couldn’t resist not adding a short birthday quote and my girly’s name on the glass jar.

Now my Layer Yoghurt Birthday Cake in a Jar looks just perfect!
Layer Yoghurt Cake in a Jar.jpgOther than the birthday cake, I’ve also made a few more layer yoghurt cake in a glass for my family. I’ve tasted it and trust me, it is delicious! (perhaps because I used llaollao instead of other yoghurt…hee!)

Layer Yoghurt Cake in a Glass.jpg