Xmas Scented Sachets

My first round of X’mas gifts are done and have been mailed out. But seriously, sewing is really not my forte. Nevertheless, I guess it’s the effort that counts right, heehee!

Most of my friends who received it said they love the smell. The sachets are filled with rose buds, cinnamon stick, dehydrated lemon and orange peels and a bit of peppermint essential oil. Honestly, I find the smell really nice too…it makes my drawer and bag smell so good!

Now onto making my next round of X’mas gifts…💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Minion Bananas…

My colleague’s bday is on the first day of CNY this year. I wanted to get her the Royce Nama Strawberry chocolate but apparently it is seasonal and they do not sell it now. So I had to find some other idea.

Since she loves bananas and minions, I decided to make her a bunch of Minion Bananas! The minions remind me of her totally, cute and irritating at the same time…lol!

Happy birthday “女儿”!

Snoopy & Charlie Brown…

All this drawings began because I wanted to brighten up my colleague’s work area which was previously a graveyard…

I drew Snoopy because she likes Snoopy…and it is easy to draw. Plus since our work areas are connected, I have to draw something that I also like right…so NO sponge bob!

But after looking at Snoopy for a week…it appeared lonely…so I decided to draw Charlie Brown…2 is better than 1 right?

Now I’m starting to think that I should decorate my own work area too…maybe our work areas will soon be filled with the Snoopy Family…😱

~Merry Christmas~

I had quite abit of a challenge creating this year’s Xmas presents…

Firstly, my shipment was delayed which means I had very little time to complete the presents.

Then I encountered numerous technical issues trying to ensure that the ornament stick and to prevent the water from leaking out of the snow globes.

Nevertheless, when the snow globes were finally done, I couldn’t take my eyes of them. Looking at the glitter snow flakes fall somehow feels so therapeutic 🙂

This year, I only managed to make 4 snow globes and had delivered 3 today…guess the last one will have to be a belated Xmas gift.

Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas!