Wedding Decoration – Flower Cage

I didn’t bring any work home to do this weekend coz I need to start on some decoration work for my 好朋友’s wedding…though it’s still about 2 months away. Yes…I know I’m kiasu…but seriously…work can be unpredictable.

My accomplishment for the day is decorating this cage with beautiful flowers & lace…

Up next will probably be a customise signage…

Two are better than One…

I received an urgent order for a customised unity candle…which I managed to rush out thankfully. I really like the final product and I hope the lovely couple like it as much as I do.

I’m really thankful to have such sweet and appreciative customers who make all my hard work seem worthwhile 🙂

Customised Unity Candle

My girly is finally getting married and I’m extremely happy for her. I asked if she needed any help with her wedding and she only asked if I could help customise a unity candle for her.

I honestly didn’t know what a unity candle was so I googled it. She also helped by providing me with a picture of it.

So the rest was up to me…I bought the candle and the other materials and began the project…

Here’s the final product 🙂

Canvas Wedding Guest Book


I wanted a unique guest book that will not be left somewhere collecting dust but could be displayed at home instead. So I drew this…which took me zillions of years as it’s really quite boring after some time to keep drawing circles. I drew this picture on A4 and enlarged it to A3 to fit the canvas.

I tried using the mod podge photo transfer to transfer the image onto the canvas. BUT…I failed. If you look closely, there is a tear and multiple air bubbles within the picture. I tried again on a new canvas this time, making an effort to ensure that there were no air bubbles BUT I failed again. This time the image didn’t get transferred onto the canvas fully.


Finally, I decided to simply decoupage the image onto the canvas directly and thankfully, it looks much better…though I would have preferred a more vintage look.

Decoupage Guest Book.jpg


Lastly, I added a washi tape around the side of the canvas to complete the guest book.


I am going to provide my guests with silver and gold metallic permanent ink felt tip pens to sign on the canvas. I know that they will probably have to squeeze in their signature…but I’m so looking forward to turning the guest book into an art piece that can be hung on my wall. *fingers crossed*



Story of my Pawrents

I was thinking about the decoration for our wedding reception and decided to make a vintage style banner. Then we started brainstorming and the “Ah-Ha” moment occurred when the phrase “Story of my Pawrents” came to our minds.

We both are definitely dog lovers but the hotel does not allow us to bring our dog for the wedding dinner. So having the banner together with our darling’s photo seem to make everything more complete. At least that’s what I think.

I chose this green and brown colour combination as it has a vintage feel that is subtle yet warm. The banner is finally ready for the day =)


If you would like to customise a banner for your wedding, baby shower or any other special occasions, feel free to drop me a note to discuss.